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Minister Approves Regional Town Centre Development Plan Amendment
Such approval has been given, but further assessment and your ability to comment still needs to occur.

A committee of the South Australian Parliament has a statutory role and function regarding DPAs operating as a 'final check and balance' in terms of adherence to the requirements of the Development Act, system trends, compliance with overarching state wide plans and corruption. The Committee welcomes your views or comments on the DPA.

The Development Act provides 28 days for the Committee to make a resolution on the amendment.  If you wish to provide information to the Committee, your submission should be addressed to the Executive Officer at ERDC.Assembly@parliament.sa.gov.au or contact Philip Frensham, Executive Officer, House of Assembly Committee Office on 8237 9387. This should be done before 9.00am on 16 December 2016.      

Mount Lofty Ranges World Heritage Listing information session
An information session was held in relation to the World Heritage listing bid. The event showed the benefits of the change, if such a move was given approval. Positive moves and outcomes could also come such a move, regardless of any final decision.

Future of the Mount Barker Community Centre
The Association will keep people up to date about the future of this project.

Mt Barker Town Square project - please click on the relevant page for details.

COUNCIL MEETINGS - 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm.

We encourage all citizens to attend a Council meeting and see your local Councillors in action in the chamber. You are also able to ask questions both before and after the meeting, however these are not minuted thus you are encouraged to take notes of the responses.