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The Mount Barker and District Residents' Association, allows all people who live in the Mount Barker District Council, to join the Association. The council area itself covers a broad range of environments from the town of Mount Barker down to areas such as Meadows and Macclesfield and out to areas such as Nairne, Harrogate and Callington. The district itself has strong historic connections including natural, Aboriginal and built heritage.

Join the Mount Barker and District Residents' Association
A form regarding the Association can be downloaded here. A membership form can be downloaded here and includes membership details and payment options. Electronic transfer booking payments can now be made and by filling in the membership form.

Nairne Main Street Detailed Design Consultation - closes 31 March 2017
Mount Barker District Council has now developed detailed concept plans for Nairne Main Street. Click here to get more information.

Animal Management Plan Consultation
Such consultation is occuring at present. One can go here which will take them to the councils website for more details.

Mt Barker Town Square project - please click on the relevant page for details.
Details on any action will be kept on this site to keep people up to date.

COUNCIL MEETINGS - 1st Monday of each month at 7pm.

We encourage all citizens to attend a Council meeting and see local Councillors in action in the chamber. You are also able to ask questions both before and after the meeting, however these are not minuted thus you are encouraged to take notes of the responses.

The Mount Barker District Council has changed its meeting frequency protocols. This page will be frequently updated to keep people informed on council activity. For more details, in terms of council meetings you can click here to get more information.