Join the Mount Barker and District Residents' Association
A form regarding the Association can be downloaded here. A membership form can be downloaded here and includes membership details and payment options.

Future of the Mount Barker Community Centre
For more details visit their facebook page which is available here.

Mt Barker Town Square project 
The Association held a forum on Wednesday the 8th of June 2016 to encourage people to learn more and support the Association with a newly formed crowdfunding campaign, to support the creation of a Town Square on the largest remaining parcel of vacant land in the town centre of Mount Barker.

Visit here for an image and here for an assessment on costings. Also a new video and detailed information page can be visited here where site visitors can get details on the crowdfunding element, along with other details about the project itself.

Contact Douglas McCarty for details - on our contact page in regards to the project. Contact local councillors on this issue if you support the idea. Visit: http://www.dcmtbarker.sa.gov.au/councilmembers

Draft Littlehampton and Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan - This plan has recently concluded in terms of consultation. Public discussion re the Glebe land has been a discussion point and more details will be put on this page, when relevant.    

Nairne and Environs Development Plan Amendment - Planning changes for Nairne were out for public consultation and this consultation has now closed. Futher details will be added to this page where relevant.
Railway connection to Mount Barker - a detailed story to keep you on track

There is a detailed story on this matter under 'News and Events' on this website. A story well worth reading re local railway transport.

Ombudsman's Report released
The Ombudsman's Report has been released and has shown that there was a clear conflict of interest with Connor Holmes working for both the government and the developers during the creation of the Ministerial DPA. The community has been robbed of a valuable asset and the Government must freeze all developments until further investigations occur.

Royal Commission
The Association has asked the Premier to call for a Royal Commission. We believe this is the most effective way of getting to the truth of the matter. We ask you to write to your Local Member calling for a freeze of all developments. We have been asking Council to consider freezing all applications until the truth is known. Please contact your local Councillor as well and let them know how you feel.

Petition to the Premier
The Association is continuing the fight to have the Ministerial DPA and rezoning decision reviewed and a new DPA created with consideration of the Council’s and community wishes. The News Release on our 'News' page summarises our position.

We presented our petition to Premier Jay Weatherill on 16 December 2011. Premier Weatherill listened to our concerns and has stated that he will investigate further, several of the items that we brought to his attention. 

We believe, that in light of Minister Rau’s comments in the press (The Advertiser, 18 August 2011) and the appointment of the new Premier, that there is some chance to change the current situation for a better outcome for our community. We hope that we can set a precedent about this decision, even though some believe it’s a ‘done deal’. 

Structure Plan
Council had finalised the DPA draft Structure Plan and submitted it to the State Government in July 2011. However the Developer Consortium did not like the draft plan and sent a letter to Council condemning the plan. Council did not approve a 'modified' plan which was presented to them at the last Council meeting of 2011. The final Structure Plan was approved in April 2012 for submission to the Minister.

Submission to the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale Protection areas
The Association submitted a response a topic on this matter. 

DPA Background
The Ministerial DPA (MDPA) for Mount Barker was Gazetted on 16 December 2010 and is now law as the Environment Resources and Development (ERD) Committee of Parliament accepted it without amendments on Friday 4 February, 2011. The first three Development Applications have been approved by Council despite no infrastructure plans in place.

Click here for a link to the relevant ERDC area on their webpage

The Mount Barker Urban Growth Development Plan Amendment (DPA) now prescribes massive urban growth for the District of Mt Barker over the next 15 years. The size and scale of the new development is seen below:

- 1,310 hectares (3,237 acres) of prime agricultural land rezoned for:
- 11,500 new houses;
- 40,000 new residents.

Even though there were 540 submissions sent to DPAC and over 120 presentations presented to the sub-committee their full report to the Minister has not been released. Of these 540 submissions, an overwhelming 97% DID NOT support this DPA in its current form. Those voices have not been heard.

Issues identified by many centred on the loss of prime agricultural land, insufficient and inadequate infrastructure, no water, no provision for essential services including health and schools, no planning for transport or traffic issues, social and environmental issues....the list goes on. However, $550million has been promised for infrastructure including a second freeway interchange.

COUNCIL MEETINGS - 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm.
We encourage all citizens to attend a Council meeting and see your local Councillors in action in the chamber. You are also able to ask questions both before and after the meeting, however these are not minuted thus you are encouraged to take notes of the responses.