The Mount Barker and District Residents' Association (MBDRA) welcomes all residents and ratepayers in the Mount Barker District Council to join the Association. The council area includes 13 towns and settlements. The district has strong historic connections including natural, Aboriginal and built heritage.

The Association is active in a broad range of issues that impact upon the whole district. Further details can be found on the following web pages. 

Meetings update: Due to COVID-19 restrictions for public gatherings, council meetings until further notice via Zoom on the first Monday of each month 2020 as a Zoom webinar with meetings starting at 7:00 pm.

Visit: https://www.mountbarker.sa.gov.au/council/meetings/full-council for more details.

Informal gatherings update: These will also be held via Zoom, as a Zoom Webinar potentially on every Monday of the month. (except public holidays), but one will need to check if an informal gathering is to be held. Times for these vary, but can start at 4:30pm.

Please visit: https://www.mountbarker.sa.gov.au/council/meetings/informal-gatherings for more details.

Consultation on new, proposed planning changes for South Australia:
These are out for public consultation. Please make sure to look further into the matter and click here to find out what's involved and how to participate in the process.

Please visit the following link to get more details on dates

Please email DPTI.PlanningEngagement@sa.gov.au for more details. 

An update from the State Planning Commision - please read here to get more details  

Planning and Design Code Presentation 
Please view the Planning and Design Code Presentation given by the State Planning Commission, at a planning information session held with the Mt Barker & District Residents' Association (MBDRA).

People can go to the District Council of Mount Barker's website re any consultation processes operating at present: http://www.mountbarker.sa.gov.au/consultation 

Our Association encourages people to put forward comments in terms of consultation, as much as possible.